Evernote Integration in BlackBerry 10

One of the apps we are most excited about is RIM’s “Remember” app. They have yet to publicly demo the app, but the latest update to the developer docs give us some indication of what is coming.

The PIM API provides developers a way to integrate with the core information apps on BlackBerry 10 (Email, COntacts, Calendar, etc). One of the PIM services is “Notebooks”, which RIM describes as:

Notebooks let you create, store, and manipulate lists of actionable or non-actionable items. For example, you might create a notebook that represents a grocery list, which contains items to purchase. Or, you could create a notebook consisting of gifts you’d like for your birthday. You can use the Notebook APIs to add, remove, or update items in notebooks, create new notebooks, and so on.

Evidently these “Notebooks” make up the functionality of the Remember app. But it gets better. You can create four types of Notebooks:

  • Generic: notebook stored locally on device
  • ActiveSyncMemo: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Memo (note)
  • ActiveSyncTask: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Task (a todo item)
  • Evernote: synced to your Evernote account… wait what?

Yes, it looks like RIM has deeply integrated Evernote into BlackBerry 10′s Remember app. The Notes and Tasks you create on your device can optionally be synced to an Evernote account, and the rich database of information stored in your Evernote account will be accessible in a powerful BlackBerry 10 core app. This is the deep integration that BlackBerry people thrive on.

How deep does it go?

Looking at the documentation around the BlackBerry 10 Settings, the Evernote integration will be system wide. The account login is managed within the System Settings alongside your Email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

89Apps is excited that RIM is continuing the practice of taking these standard system apps to the next level. Just like they have turned the Address Book into a powerful Productivity and Social Media machine, Remember will take the standard Notes/Tasks app and integrate it with important cloud services for storing Notes, Tasks, and Images. We expect Remember and the Evernote integration are just one of the many features RIM will wow us with on January 30th.

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One comment on “Evernote Integration in BlackBerry 10
  1. Jay says:

    Awesome! I am so glad they didn’t rush things with BB10. It looks like it was time well spent polishing things before launch. So pumped to get one in my hands.

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