Bring on the Dev Alpha updates

Developers know what they use. They get passionate about creating for the devices they use.


Developers like 89Apps have been given early access to BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices, but since this is not behind closed doors access, RIM has understandably held a lot back. Part of what has been held back includes:

  • Phone app (can not make or receive calls)
  • Text Messages app (can not send or receive text messages)
  • BlackBerry Hub (can not view emails and notifications)

RIM has generously provided a fully functioning BBM app and Web browser, as well as very functional Contacts and Calendar apps. While fun the test out, these apps are not enough to make the Dev Alpha our primary device.

BlackBerry 10 needs as many apps as it can get, but even more importantly, it needs killer apps. Apps that perfectly complement the new operating system and are well designed to the device’s ergonomics and design guidelines. These sort of apps are not dreamt up and perfected while sitting at a desk developing. These are the sort of apps that will be created by living the BlackBerry 10 experience all day every day.

Developers are motivated to develop for the phone that is with them 24/7, not the phone that is shackled to their office desk. If RIM were to provide Phone, Text, and Hub access to developers, it would guarantee App World will be stocked with more high quality apps. Kevin from CrackBerry has been advised an update to BBM for the Dev Alpha is coming mid-November. Let’s hope this same update is the one that will provide enough functionality to make the Dev Alpha a developer’s primary device. There must be tons of developers ready to swap their SIM cards into their Dev Alphas.

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